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“Quality of Life Issues for Breast Cancer Patients”
was presented by Dr. Bonie at the 2008 Western Ohio Breast Conference.  The goal of the conference was to bring regional and national experts on breast care to local and regional clinical breast cancer providers.  Dr. Bonie encouraged the audience of physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers to care for their patients from an holistic perspective by addressing their physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs.

“Effective Treatment of Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder”
was the topic addressed by Kathleen Avegno Bonie, Ph.D. when she was invited to join a panel of presenters at the Dayton Area Psychological Association meeting in 2007.  She emphasized the effectiveness of enhancing traditional Gestalt and Cognitive-behavioral therapy with spiritual and energy healing methods when treating clients with symptoms of depression.

“Coping With ‘What Is’” by Kathleen A. Bonie, Ph.D.
has been an often requested presentation since 2004 by the Noble Circle, A Healing Program for Women with Cancer. The Noble Circle Project, www.noblecircle.org offers women with cancer the opportunity to focus on self-healing modalities with the goal of achieving significant gains in their health. Sharing nutritious organic meals, practicing qigong together, getting to know and support each other are but a few of the ways the Noble Circle Project offers hope to women cancer survivors.

“Discovering the Rewards of Being Single”
This seminar was presented by Kathleen Bonie, Ph.D. at the Whole Woman Weekend Retreat in November, 2003. Drawing from her experience working with numerous single adults in her over 17 years of private practice, Kathleen described with both clarity and humor the many ways singles can achieve balance, wholeness, and health by nourishing the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual areas of their lives. She concluded her program with a lovely guided imagery enhancing the experience for the participants.

"Energy Psychology: Blending Spirituality and Psychotherapy"
This was the title of the afternoon presentation that Kathleen Bonie, Ph.D. offered to the professionals of the Clark County Mental Health Center in March, 2001. Dr. Bonie outlined her evolution from a radical behaviorist in the 1970's to a spiritual, heart-centered psychologist, acknowledging the multidimensional aspects of individuals in her present work. It was an honor for Kathleen to share her knowledge and expertise with professional colleagues.

A beautiful guided imagery for health and relaxation
This was part of the presentation by Kathleen Bonie, Ph.D. for the Dayton Diabetes Association Support Group at their February, 2001 meeting. The topic was "The Psychological Aspects of Diabetes." We always appreciate opportunities to offer our time and talents in service to our community.

Continuing to learn…

BodyTalk Access
In 2008, Kathleen Avegno Bonie, Ph.D. added BodyTalk Access to her impressive list of energy healing methods in which she is trained.  BodyTalk Access is based on the BodyTalk System, a well-established healthcare regimen utilizing state-of-the-art energy medicine in a safe and comprehensive manner. Its power is based on increasing the levels of internal communication within the body, thereby stimulating the body's own ability to regain and maintain a healthy balance.

Advanced Training in Gestalt Psychotherapy
From 2005 through 2007 Dr. Bonie completed over 50 hours of continuing education in advanced post-graduate training in Gestalt psychotherapy techniques from the Gestalt Institute of Central Ohio.  This traditional method of experiential psychotherapy is foundational in Dr. Bonie’s orientation in helping her clients attain wellness in all aspects of their lives.

The Yuen Method™
of energy medicine has been integrated into Kathleen A. Bonie, Ph.D.’s practice of Gestalt and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. In 2005 Dr. Bonie began her training with Dr. Kam Yuen, Founder of The Yuen Method™, www.yuenmethod.com . According to Dr. Yuen, this non-touch method is “an energetic technique that combines ancient Chinese healing with a blending of modern western knowledge including anatomy, physiology, structural analysis, energetic technique, quantum physics, Qi and Shen Gong Training. Dr. Kam Yuen, D.C. developed this technique after a lifetime of study in the martial arts as well as being a structural engineer, doctor of chiropractic and studying nutritional therapy and homeopathy.”

Dr. Bonie agrees with Dr. Yuen that “the path of health, prosperity, integrity, success, and freedom from stress and pain are the birthright of every human being.” As described by Dr. Yuen, his method “directs a minute, subtle amount of energy to make changes in the cellular, molecular, atomic, and sub-atomic levels of the individual, pinpointing the specific area to be treated... By finding and eliminating the root of the problem it may be possible to release physical symptoms as well as emotional issues, fears, phobias, and limitations.”

Transformational Breathing
Transformational Breathing was explored by Kathleen A. Bonie, Ph.D. in 2005 as a powerful technique that generates important physical, mental and emotional integration and healing while strengthening the experience of ones spiritual nature. According to Judith Kravitz, the Founder of Transformational Breathing, www.breathe2000.com , “the process begins by learning how to open your breath and utilize the entire respiratory system. This results in more energy and increased brain function that leads to more enjoyable mental and emotional states…and enhanced feelings of clarity and lightness.”

Sahaj Marg, translated “Natural Path”
"Natural Path" has become a integral part of ongoing spiritual growth for Kathleen Bonie, Ph.D. While maintaining her traditional faith practices, Kathleen has also embraced this raja yoga system of spiritual development based on a heart-centered meditation. For years Kathleen has emphasized the importance of practicing meditation, either guided or unguided, to achieve a centered, grounded, and healthful life. She is delighted that she has found an ashram in Beavercreek, OH that offers training in such a beautiful and enriching spiritual practice. You can learn more about Sahaj Marg at www.srcm.org.

Healing Touch, Level I
Kathleen Bonie, Ph.D. completed this in August, 2000. This holistic and complementary therapy for mind, body, and spirit is a form of energy healing widely recognized and promoted in the nursing profession. Kathleen adds this technique to her repertoire of holistic methods in which she has training and experience. These include: Advanced Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy, ChiLel Qigong, Reiki, and Yoga of Transformation.

    Our Booklet!
"I Couldn't Stand the Thought of Losing My Hair"
Edited by Kathleen A. Bonie, Ph.D. and Kirsten Y. Harrell, Psy.D.
An emotionally compelling booklet of poignant and inspirational quotes by women cancer survivors.
Read it here.

For years Kathleen Avegno Bonie, Ph.D. has offered the calming and effective guided imagery script, "Preparation for Surgery," to her clients to prepare them mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for the often unnerving experience of surgery. The feedback has been so overwhelmingly positive that she now has completed a second script, "Preparation for Chemotherapy," specifically for those individuals who need to receive chemotherapy treatment.

Clicking on the titles above can download these four page scripts. They can be read in less than 4 minutes and will help you find a sense of confidence, acceptance, and serenity during the days or weeks prior to the surgery or chemotherapy treatment. Dr. Bonie has received numerous compliments on her gift of creating beautiful, ideal imagery to assist in better handling these sometimes unpleasant experiences.

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