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Resource List for
Breast Cancer Patients
compiled primarily from The Patient Active Guide to Living with Advanced Breast Cancer published by The Wellness Community-National, 2006.

Help with financial and legal concerns

National Breast Cancer Coalition and Fund (NBCCF)
(800) 622-2838
This advocacy group offers a very helpful guide to finding affordable care called: Guide to Quality Breast Cancer Care----Finding Affordable Care which can be accessed online at http://www.natlbcc.org/nbccf/access/ 

CancerCare Assist
(800) 813-4673
Email: info@cancercare.org
CancerCare is an organization for people with all types of cancer, and the CancerCare Assist program specifically helps with financial issues. They also have a very helpful information sheet called "Tips on Finding Financial Assistance" which is available on their Web site and they have a financial assistance program with application forms on their Web site.

Support groups and hotlines

The Noble Circle Project for Women Surviving Cancer
A community of women in Dayton, OH offering group support, nutrition education, and Qigong as holistic methods to enhance their quality of life in their cancer journey.  A weekend retreat and 10-week follow-up classes provide the women with various programs to support a healthy lifestyle.  Contact: Beverly Sheridan at 937-885-4477 or Jan Lively at 937-434-9382. 

The PALS for Life Breast Cancer Support Group
This group meets at the Dayton Heart Hospital on the third Monday night of each month.  There is an educational presentation on a medical or lifestyle topic, time for sharing special concerns and time for socializing.  Call Sally Stevens at 937-259-1200 or Joan Schuermann at 937-435-1923.

The Wellness Community
Provides free emotional support, education and hope for people with cancer and their loved ones in 21 facilities nationwide and online at The Virtual Wellness Community. Call toll free or visit the Web site for support group registration.   

Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC)
(888) 753-LBBC (5222)
Provides education and support, including a toll free Survivors' Helpline staffed by trained volunteers affected by breast cancer. Callers can be matched to women in similar circumstances.

Online Support

A web site created by breast cancer advocate and author Musa Mayer, offering resource information for people living with advanced breast cancer.

A web site devoted entirely to women with advanced disease and offering listservs, where you can sign up for free to share information and support.

Discussion board for women with recurrence/metastatic disease at

Bringing you the latest news on breast cancer research and treatment since 1996.

The breast cancer center link of an on-line health encyclopedia.

Resource List for
Complementary Healing Methods

Shri Ram Chandra Mission - A Raga Yoga System of spiritual training based on heart-centered meditation simplified for modern day life.

The American School Of Laughter Yoga is the oldest and biggest provider of Laughter Yoga education in North America. They strive to inspire and empower individuals, businesses and associations about the use of laughter as a genuine solution to stress and health related issues.

The teachings of Abraham.  JOY is the point.  Abraham speaks to the heart. They teach that life is supposed to be fun. They teach that you can be, do, or have anything you want.  They say YOU create your own reality and the universe is simply reflecting back to you the essence of how you're feeling about it!

The BodyTalk System provides a simple and effective form of therapy that allows the body’s systems to be re-synchronized so they can operate as nature intended – and effectively respond to injury and illness.

The Yuen Method™ energetic healing technique is a form of Chinese Energetic Medicine that has taken ancient Chinese healing and combined it with a blending of modern western knowledge.

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